Wasted days at the coffee shop

Wasted days at the coffee shop - Lisa Cleghorn

There is nothing better to me than heading out for a coffee or three with friends and simply whiling the days away talking about whatever comes to mind. It is absolute bliss for me. Happily I have some amazing friends who seem to enjoy doing the exact same thing, so we have spent many a night parked under the awning in Montreal of our favourite little indie coffee shop.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good night out on the tiles as much as the next girl. But there is something particularly special about that awning in Montreal that always gets me whenever I see it. I guess it’s just familiarity and the sparking of the many great memories I’ve had with my friend’s under that awning in Montreal. It and the coffee shop it’s attached to just feel like a home away from home to me.

Of course, this particular shop isn’t part of a mega-chain. In fact, it’s a little indie place that is tucked away on a side street and doesn’t see tons of business. They make absolutely amazing coffee though and the guys who own the place are absolutely incredible. They are always so accommodating and they experiment with different coffees all the time. Many are the days when I’ve wandered underneath that awnings Montreal and been presented with a sample of something new to try out for them. It feels like they actually value my opinion, which is absolutely amazing.

Plus, it’s open late at night too so even when I do end up going out dancing or whatever, my friends and I still seems to end up finding our way back to our favourite coffee shop and we are always welcomed back with open arms.

Everything about the place is just so cool. It’s not just the coffee and the atmosphere either. The people are great and they have this amazing little collection of arcade machine in the back corner that appeals to my best friend’s tendency for retro gaming, which is a joy to watch even as we moan about her not coming outside with the rest of us.

Yea, it is perhaps a perfect place in my little world. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad night there and it is somewhere that has always been reserved for my friends and I. I’ll raise a steaming mug to many more happy nights spent there!