Too Many Shoes Marie-France

Too Many Shoes Marie-France - Lisa Cleghorn

Marie-France, my friend Carole’s sister, has a disease. Well, not a disease in the sense that she is sick. Its just that she can’t resist a pair of shoes! Apparently she has a hundred or more pairs! She even thought about having an alarm system GTA at home, only for her shoes. I thought she had calmed down since her teenage years where her shoes were laying around everywhere at their parents place but it doesn’t look like it. Last week she asked Carole and I to give her a hand to install shelves and pictures because she had recently moved. I went with pleasure. She wanted to transform two clothes closets into what I would call two shoe closets. We were to install shelves to house her favorite shoes. When I saw the number of boxes of shoes she had, my jaw dropped; not to mention the boots of all shapes and colors. As for myself, I barely own five pairs of shoes and two pairs of sandals that I wear depending on the occasion. In my estimation there where a lot more than a hundred pairs. We settled into the task with good intentions. A beautiful box of shoes fell down and opened. A superb, bright red, high heeled shoe spilled out. They were gorgeous. They are tango shoes, Marie-France told me. For the past 6 months she had been taking lessons with Diego, an Argentinean colleague. The tango? Wow she really impressed me with that. It looks  like a really difficult dance, it is very rhythmic and above all, very sensual. On the other hand, what did not impress me is giving her a helping hand; not at all easy. She is very undecided: "A little higher, a little to the right, no, wait, let’s put it on another wall." The color is doesn’t match, the frame is too massive. Exasperated, I told her “I hope you're better at the tango because with you, you never know what foot to dance on!”