The Self Revival

The Self Revival - Lisa Cleghorn

You might be surprised to know that my story includes struggle, pain and agony along with success and the high peaks I have attained up till now. My fashion journey started long ago when I discovered in my earlier years life that there’s much more to it than just studying and working. I was like others at the time: I held a low self-esteem and I was not confident at all. This led to a low morale and I would depressed. In other words, I disliked myself; I disliked being me.

Those were the years when I attended workshops that were held in the city on the topics of boosting self-esteem and some related to the revival of positive energy. The training helped me see the positive in life and I could sense the revival growing inside me. I was now happier, and felt healthier than before. After that, I would never miss any seminar or training course that would take place and that was in view of my personal development.

When my positivity had begun to revive, I had started understanding what I wanted to do in life. The foremost thing that was required of me was to define my personality by the fashion norms, and that too, in my own unique style. Thus, I started working on it and side by side, I was struggling to gain admission in fashion designing. Luckily, I got admitted in the desired field and I was on my way to a much bigger world welcoming me with wide open arms.

During my years of study, I use to work in an office of a truck rental Toronto, so I had the chance to visit various fashion and bridal shows that were arranged by our university at the national level, and I got to visit renowned designers from all over country, all gathered on a single platform.

It was a valuable experience to attend different types of shows that related to fashion, all of which helped me understand the importance of fashion in life and just how closely it related to personality development.

Since my graduation, I have been working hard enough to make a good name nationwide, and if I am lucky, worldwide too. I have met many people along the way which is a reflection of my past. My struggle largely relates to inspiring people so they are able hold a high esteem of themselves.