The Role of Art

The Role of Art - Lisa Cleghorn

Sometimes, life is difficult and unpredictable but there are always moments and events that edify and make it amazing. We always strive for something better, for something precious. It is wonderful to live, to love, to do something useful for yourself and society. The role of art in a person’s life is as important as their own life. Everything surrounding us is art.

A very long time ago in ancient times, our ancestors tried to depict their lives on cave walls, animal skins and stones; pictures, events of their lives, battles and hunting. At that time, they did not even expect that their attempts to deonstrate life would bring much new knowledge for mankind in the future. Their sculptures, weapons, clothes and other artifcats all played a great role. Thanks to them we know the history of the development of our ancestors. They did not know that what they were doing was art at the time and that the role of art in people’s lives would eventually be crucial. But today we see art in the all forms and the most among them is canvas printing.

Painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and every person who tries to show in his/her creativity the vision of something special that surrounds us takes a very important place in the social and cultural development of mankind. Even a little child drawing his/her first picture touches the world of art. When a child grows, his tastes and choices in the style of clothes, music and in books, form a world vision.

Different trends of art assist the formation of individuality, cultural development and, of course, moral development. The sense of every trend of art is to show the real and great world. With the help of art, music and poetry, we can get to know the esthetic part of life. That’s why the role of art in the life of people is monumental.

Art is everywhere. It is not just in paintings and sculptures. It exists in everything: in cookery, in the design of your flat, furniture, dishes and some details. From childhood on when you're developing your taste, it becomes clear that art is very important in life. Only with the help of art we can share our feelings, thoughts, experiencea and leave something for future generations. The major thing is the will to create, to respect everything, to aim at something. They the future will be in our hands life becomes better, happier, richer.