My Girls, My Car and the Open Road

My Girls, My Car and the Open Road - Lisa Cleghorn

Let me get this out of the way right now, my college days are long behind me. You should never ask a woman her age, so that’s as far as we are going to go on the subject, but it feels as though long gone are the days when I used to be able to just get my girlfriends together, climb into a car and burn some rubber on the blacktop paving that makes up the roads we spent so much time of our young lives travelling on.

There’s nothing quite like a road trip, especially if you have the right car; getting out into the world with absolutely no restrictions and just going wherever the wind takes you. That’s the life for me. We had so many amazing times just getting out there and seeing what we can find. Going to places we had never been to before and just enjoying the scenery, the drive itself and, frankly, any cute guys we happened to lay our eyes on during the course of the trip.

Of course it’s all changed now and that’s not a bad thing. We have the husbands, the jobs and the kids. The husband is practically a second job in itself if you know what I mean! It doesn’t leave me much time to just get everybody together and get on the road again. Still, I’ve been craving that hit of nostalgia so I’ve made overtures to a bunch of my girlfriends that, for one night only, we ditch all of the responsibilities and just get on the road and drive.

Happily they were all up for it. I think they may be missing the days when we left our mark on the blacktop paving almost as much as I do. The date is set, the time off is booked and the husbands have been left home to look after the kids.

Of course no road trip is complete without the right car so we looked long and hard for something that would satisfy our needs. We found this gorgeous Cadillac at a rental place not too far away so we booked it out for the day and it’s just waiting for us to get to grips with it. I can’t wait to feel the revs of the engine and the power of the car as we make our way to wherever we decide to go. As long as it’s somewhere I’ve never been before I’ll be happy.