Memory Unveiled

Memory Unveiled - Lisa Cleghorn

I had been using a cell phone since quite some time now but was really not much aware of the different features offered and the general working of the device. I just knew it was a smart phone and I used it only for calling and texting purposes. Whenever I would have any problem with the device, I would visit a mobile maintenance shop and get my mobile fixed.

Same was the case with other electrical devices. I just used the computer as much I needed it. I never felt the need to know the in-depth details neither was I curious to learn more about them. I am not a technology freak and struck by it. I just it as a tool which makes the complexities of life easier.

However, I would often face the problem of the device being hung-up or processing data at a much slower pace than it normally might. This irritated me but I did not know much about what to do. I would remain distressed and irritated as it would required more time to do my work. Therefore, one day I decided to go to the mobile shop and ask the salesperson about what was causing the problem.

I decided to walk, and on the way I kept wondering about the issue. I wished that had I known a little more about the working of these devices, I would probably not have to face such inconvenience. I wanted to learn about the functionality of electronic equipment in order to handle these minor issues on my own. After almost half an hour, I reached the shop.

After the usual greetings, I informed the salesperson about the problem I was facing with my mobile and laptop, and told him that I knew a little about these things. So he asked that I relax and sit. Then he started explaining that there was nothing wrong; that the devices process and handle data according to their memory capacity.

Therefore, if I wanted my devices to perform at a faster pace I needed to upgrade the memory. He told me about different sorts of memories available, including the apple memory. I asked him to have a look at my phone, and to my surprise it had a memory card slot for which I'd been totally unaware. He told me that I can even get a memory card for my mobile and experience greater levels of processing speed. My query was resolved and I bought the memory card for my phone and headed back home.