How I lost my boyfriend

How I lost my boyfriend - Lisa Cleghorn

I live in a small town not far from the city. You know, I like living in a town. It is calm, and you can enjoy every moment of the surrounding flora and fauna. I cannot say I am one of those crazy people who are ready to leave everything and move to the wild nature, but, for sure, there are some advantages of living in a town. First of them is, of course, a little pollution. Look at modern cities. There are so many cars, vans, trucks, which make the air we breathe with smelling not fresh. And I am not even speaking about the smog. It is a popular thing in big cities nowadays. But my story is not about the advantages of living in the town. My story is about my ex-boyfriend.

John, this is the name of my previous boyfriend, was one of those intellectuals that are concerned mostly about the new devices and gadgets that came to the market. To make the story short, he was a nerd. I cannot say I am a fan of such men, but somehow he attracted me. He was good-looking, with his straight, brown hair. He had hazel eyes, full lips, and he wore nice clothes. Yes, yes, I am serious. He was always very attentive to me, but he was not a romantic person. One of the major things I pay attention to is the way a person takes care of you. I liked to visit him as he had a nice house, although he was living with his parents. His parents were nice people, and I loved talking with them.

One nice, spring evening, if I am not mistaken, I went to John. As usual, he was sitting and watching some video about new devices. I forgot to tell you that he was crazy about storing different videos. That was the first time I heard from him the words SATA dom. He showed me a video where some man was mocking a little girl with a smile on his lips. I was so disappointed in watching it, that I went away without saying him anything. After this event, I did not see him, and I do not want to hear anything about this person. I hate cruelty and especially if it is about little children. What is your attitude to such a thing?