The Girls' Sleep-Over That Never Was

The Girls' Sleep-Over That Never Was - Lisa Cleghorn

As I write this, I am still a little pissed at Jessica and Becky for letting me down at the last minute. The usual bunch had decided it’s been a while since we met up and had a fun night all alone as girls, just like we used to do before. Seeing how Molly was pregnant and all, we decided we would all gather at her place Friday night and keep her company. In fact, the idea was fronted by Becky. The nerve of those two! But let me start from the beginning. First, I must say that my best friend Francesca, she out of town because she's in charge of a stakeholder relation management Toronto. So I accept that she can't be here with me.

Since Molly got pregnant, she hasn’t been showing up for the usual meet-ups. We are all aware that she’s been having a hard time with Jake who doesn’t seem to be sure whether he still wants to be a father or not. I tell you, men are such cowards sometimes. Anyway, she’s been spending a lot of time alone and we all agreed it would be a great idea to go to her place, keep her company and show her that we will always be there for her no matter what. Besides that, I was longing to see how big she’s gotten and oh my! Her belly is all round and bulging. Amazingly, she has never looked better. Her face was all radiant with motherly anticipation.

So, back to how Jessica and Becky sabotaged the girls’ night. We had agreed that Becky would pick me up at my place and Jessica would meet us there as soon as she closed shop at six. Molly had announced she would bake some delicious muffins. She’s become such a chef of late. I still don’t understand how being a mother gets one so into cooking and being all homely. Molly had never been one to bake for as long as I’ve known her. But now that she’s knocked up, she cooking, knitting and what not. I wonder if I’ll be like that.

On the fateful day, I was waiting on the porch for Becky to pick me up around 5pm. Shock unto me when she called to say she was with her boyfriend Mark and would be late. I decided to wait for her but one hour later she was still with Mark, so I decided it was time to call a cab. On the way, molly called me with the news that Jessica would be late at the shop due to some ‘unavoidable circumstances’. She was nonetheless relieved to hear I was on my way.

When I got to Molly’s, I couldn’t stop rubbing and checking out her swollen belly. I had to tell her that Becky was going to be a no-show. Jessica on the other hand was still at work dealing with her unavoidable circumstances of last-minute orders and what not. In the end it was just the two of us and delicious muffins. That girl can bake! We watched the wedding show and fell asleep watching a re-run of ‘The devil wears Prada.'

If you ask me, they missed out on a lot of fun and now they have to make up for it. I hope we arrange another one soon, I need some more muffins.