Finally a nice warm day!

Finally a nice warm day! - Lisa Cleghorn

This afternoon I had a long walk after work. It has been a while since I walked that much. I think today it was the warmest day we had lately. Spring is definitely here! I saw people in t-shirts and girls wearing skirts. That means summer is getting close.

Although it was still sunny and warm, I did not feel comfortable enough to lose the slim spring jacket I was wearing. Ten years back, I would have gone in a t-shirt at sixteen degrees Celsius. I know, it is a sign I am getting older.

When I left work, I headed up on Peel Street and then turned right on Ste-Catherine. I walked all the way to the Place des Arts. While I was walking, I felt that the city came back to life. All the stores had their doors open and there was a nice mix of music flowing into the street.

Once I reached the Place des Arts metro, I was tempted to go home. But shortly after, I changed my mind and thought of continuing my walk to the Old Port. I had nothing planned for this Friday evening. My friends were busy with their lives; my daughter was still in Dominican Republic with her fiance. There was nobody waiting for me at home, except a huge laundry basket to wash.

Thus I enjoyed the sunny warm weather and spent the entire evening by myself, outdoors.

It took me only one hour to get to the Old Port, which was filled with tourists. I did not expect to see so many people there. It made me remember the summer evenings spent there with my friends.

On St-Paul Street, I saw to wedding convoys passing by. I even got a short glimpse of one of the brides. I stopped for dinner at l’Atelier d’Argentine. It was an inspired choice. The food was phenomenal and it had a great atmosphere.

One hour later, I was on my way back home. I headed towards the metro Champs du Mars.  While I was waiting to cross the street, on one of the street poles there was a small advertising post that caught my eye. I had a better look at it, and recognized the company’s logo.

A few months back I was looking for someone certified in mold removal Montreal, and they gave me the cheapest quote. I ended up hiring them to fix my basement apartment, where they did a great job.

When I got home, my feet were killing me. I was happy I took the metro on my way back. Otherwise I would have not been able to do anything the following day.