The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter - Lisa Cleghorn

They had red streaks in their hair. I could see their short skirts and high heels from my humble first floor apartment. The two young girls were walking hand in hand along the park paving Edmonton which was right across my living room window. “Good lord! What is it with the young generation of today?” I wondered aloud. Ever since Thomas passed away, I have had much more time on my hands to reflect at the changing idiosyncrasies of the youth of the day. The youth of fifty years back has little in common with the youth of today.

I have always enjoyed looking at all the activity that goes on, on the street below. All the people passing by make feel that I have company in a roundabout way. In the past year I have realised very clearly that living alone is not the best thing that it might seem at the age of twenty when one is seventy.

Looking back, I feel that God has always been kind to me. I was blessed to have a life partner like Thomas, two beautiful kids and now a young eight year old grandson. Even today, I am fit enough to live alone and care for myself. It’s just the arthritis that gets the better of me at times. The swelling in my fingers and the pain that comes with it can be unbearable at times. An activity as simple as opening or closing a door seems like a herculean task! The pain gets worse during the winters but for the rest of the year, it’s pretty much manageable.

My daughter lives with her husband and child in Florida. She often calls to check up on me. I wish she didn’t worry so much. My son lives with his girlfriend in Beaumont. He comes around once in a while to spend time with me. In fact, he must be on his way right now. He will be here in an hour. It will be a forty five minute drive after he is here. He had insisted that I pack and be ready before he arrived. The most important thing was to collect all the pictures of the time when Thomas and I were dating. Those memories are still etched in my mind. Every corner of the house reminds me of him. The time when we first got our kids to the house from the hospital and the times when Thomas cooked dinners for me still leave me misty-eyed.

The door bell just rang. I think it’s time to leave it all behind. After a deep sigh, I gathered my thoughts and moved towards the door. I prepared myself to start a new and probably the final chapter of my life at the nearby Nursing Home.