The family dinner

The family dinner - Lisa Cleghorn

After six months of dating, we decided that we were serious, and it was the right time to meet the family and the friends. It might sound weird to you that within these past months we stayed away from friends. After so many failed relationships, I learnt that introducing the wrong person in my circles would be detrimental. Thus, I promised that only when I would be hundred percent sure that I was with Mr. Right, and then I would introduce him to my friends or family members.

Two nights away we got engaged. He proposed during dinner and I happily accepted. I can’t say that I was too surprised. It seemed like a logical continuation of our relationship. Marriage was the next step for us. We had already discussed about moving in together after the third month, but we only did it last month. Both of us were incredibly busy and we could not find the time to prepare everything.

Now that we decided to spend the rest of our lives together, we had to let others know. The first person that I told about the engagement was my step brother. Ever since we were children, we always had a close connection. With my real brother I am not able to share too many details of my private life. But with my step brother, everything comes so easily.

Yesterday evening we were invited for dinner at my parents’ house. We wished to deliver the news in person. This was not the type of news I wanted to give them over the phone. My mom would have never forgiven me if I would have done that.  Thus, we took the afternoon off and drove all the way to Glengarry.

I could not help but notice that my boyfriend was a bit nervous on the way towards my folks. I told him to relax and stop worrying. My dad was not an ogre and we were both adults. I guessed that he felt uncomfortable about us lying to them. He knew that I did not tell them yet that we had already moved in together.

When we got there, both of my brothers were already present. By this time, he was outside, having a smoke. He stood up and gave me a big hug. Then he turned towards Mr. Right and hugs him as well. My dad was a bit reserved. He shook his hand and the whole evening asking him a bunch of questions about his business. He seemed very curious about a particular truck restraints that hubby was selling.

At the end of the evening I told my fiancée that I was happy everything turned out fine and that he and dad got along quite well. He started to laugh saying he was relieved that my dad was interested in his work, because otherwise he had nothing to say to him.