As a business owner...

As a business owner... - Lisa Cleghorn

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of having a great sign up in front of your store that says, “We are special; come in here.” Of course that is not literally what the sign says. It is just that having good signs in the front windows and hanging from the eaves can make all the difference in the world om attracting customers.

I had some good signs built about 10 years ago, but they were definitely looking antiquated and run down. On top of that, I was not always having the same specials anymore, so I had to make adjustments by hand to the sign. This did the job, but they looked tacky and quite unappealing to be honest. I think it made my business look second rate, or third rate for that matter. This was not the image I needed if I was going to continue to be successful.

On the way home from work one day, I saw a sign in front of this huge warehouse looking business. In fact, there were several signs. What caught my attention was on one of the signs it said, “These were all made today for a lot less than what you would think.” I looked that business and saw that it was a cnc cutting company and wondered how they could assist me with my signs, but I could not argue with how good theirs looked. I had to go in and check.

I went in and talked to one of their sales reps, explained my situation and asked her what they could do for me. I was astounded at all that was available for me to have done by their company. It was so shocking the beautiful signs that they could make that I even had to ask her on a couple of occasions, “You are a CNC cutting company aren’t you?”

She laughed every time. She explained that not many people understand how these devices can be used to create incredibly beautiful signs that are reliable and a huge draw to consumers. She also explained that having updated signs made regularly was not expensive at all, and that it really told a lot about the business when consumers saw beautiful new signs advertising products and sales.

I was sold. This was the plan for me. I had ones done for upcoming sales and for ones that would be occurring over the next few months. They look great and the customers have liked them too. Now I really do look first rate.