A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party - Lisa Cleghorn

I dislike the idea of going to birthdays. When it is my friend’s children's birthdays, I don’t have a problem with that. But when an "important" person holds a bash for his or her birthday, I presonally don't care to attend. Am I a bad person? No. I just dislike the idea of organizing and such stuff.

So yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and there was no way I was going to miss that. Her boyfriend had contacted me earlier and requested that the occasion be treated as an important event since he intended to propose to her.

That meant I had to get involved the whole day so that I can run the errands smoothly. So I woke up feeling a bit dizzy because I had a long day at work. My boss was organizing a farewell party for her daughter who was flying abroad for further studies and I spent the whole day helping him.

Ooh boy, I was a real wreck and I had no idea how I was going to organize this one. Anyway, it had to be done and all the eyes were on me hoping that I would do a good job. Did I forget to mention that I was the event organizer?

Fortunately, I have a very supportive team who are always willing to go to the extra mile to make the events we hold a success. My girlfriend had an idea of what she really wanted and she requested that I lend her my industrial compactflash so that she can store some of her favorite music.

We were running helter skelter the whole day to make the day a success. Being a gossiper, I decided to provide my girlfriend with a leak of what her boyfriend had told me. She was over the moon the whole day and she invited almost everybody to our neighborhood.

The party was a success because everything we had arranged was perfect. From the flowers, the food and entertainment;all was out of this world. She is a classy lady and she knows how to dress to kill. I didn’t know she had decided to buy new clothes and shoes to complement her looks. In nutshell, she was ravishing.

So the time came to cut her birthday cake and the boyfriend had not arrived. I kept calling him and all the time he was assuring me that he was on his way. Believe it or not, he never came. The day ended on a very sad note and I was so guilty wondering why I didn’t shut my big mouth.